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ACCU Global offers you a chance to maximize your industrial motor system uptime and overall performance. You can count on our cost-efficient Bosh Rexroth Servo motor repair services to keep your Rexroth drives, controls, and power components running with peak efficiency and accuracy. Since our inception in 1993, we have been providing outstanding Servo motors repairs in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. With more than 15 mechanical engineers and other specialists, ACCU Global is your best chance to keep your motor systems running efficiently.

Why Accu Electric Inc.

We offer highly comprehensive motor lifecycle solutions. Indeed, ACCU Global is your key to a higher level of your Bosh Rexroth Servo’s efficiency. Our firm provides exceptional cross-tech expertise in all motor control platforms. This translates to fewer coordination expenses and effort for our clients. Additionally, you can enjoy faster solutions and lasting enhancements to your industrial motor performance systems.

Our experts make automation work

Quick repairs and expert maintenance are essential for maximum uptime of your Bosh Rexroth Servo’s system. ACCU Global is a reliable and reputable service partner that offers unwavering support, regular inspections and repair, emergency situations, and even more complicated requirements throughout your motor’s lifecycle system. We present our customers with highly comprehensive overhaul plans to help them save effort, time, and other resources when it comes to troubleshooting and extending the overall lifespan of their motors.

No complexity can’t be managed

Our experts can reduce repair and modernization expenses & effort using leaner solutions and essential components. We will always be where you need us. Our presence in the United States, Canada, and Mexico makes it easier for us to offer timely products supply and support to our clients across the continent. Indeed, our support team and emergency response teams are available 24/7 to ensure seamless operations.

Winding Analysis

Nothing We Can’t Handle

Typically, Servo Motors are a critical advancement in terms of motion control and the last thing you want is downtimes associated with failed systems. While only a few organizations offer repair services to these sophisticated motors, ACCU Global has always been a call away for Bosh Rexroth Servo Motor Repairs. Our repair process involves the following;

  • Our experts will dismantle your motor to a sub-component level (when necessary)
  • Full component testing
  • Bearing replacement (when necessary)
  • Efficient recalibration of the tach/encoder

We also provide detailed failure reports to our clients. All our repair services come with a 12-months in-service warranty. You can count on us for seamless & efficient performance, and full value for your money.

ACCU Global handles all types of Bosh Rexroth Servo motors. For IndraDyn S Synchronous Servo motors, we can handle all maintenance requirements for MSK Series, enclosure that are explosion-proof for MKE Series, and MSM Series for India Drive Cs. Additionally, our experts can handle regular inspection and maintenance for all IndraDyn A Aynchronous Servo Motors.

We service nearly all Bosh Rexroth Servo models and other industrial manufactures as well.

Magnetizing is a key component with most stepper and pancake motors. Due to the type of magnets in stepper motors, when the rotor is removed from the stator the magnetic properties of the rotor are lost. Without the latest magnetizing equipment, most repair shops cannot repair these jobs.

Magnetizing in House - Servo Motor & Drive Repair

  • Capable of magnetizing N55 grade neodymium rare earth magnets
  • Fixtures for almost all sizes of rotors ready in stock
  • Required for pancake motor, and stepper motor repairs
  • Fixes many low torque issues with machines

Typically your servo, stepper or pancake motor incurring damage due to an overloaded system, causing a high current fault. This high current spike will cause the magnets in your motor to become demagnetized. Once demagnetized your motor may run, but with diminished torque. Under full load your system will fail. Another scenario in which damage is incurred is by opening the stepper or pancake motor. There is a specific air gap between the magnets in the stator and the rotor itself, if this air gap is lost (IE. by the removal of the rotor) demagnetization will occur.

By magnetizing the rotor after assembly, a high flux density is obtained that can be largely destroyed if the rotor is removed.

Thus by re-magnetizing your servo motor, stepper motor or pancake motor you will be assured that your motor will have the same torque output as it did when shipped from the manufacturer.

In this case BOSCH was unable to repair their own motor due to extreme damage. However, we were able to rebuild this motor in 24 hours to get the client up and running with manufacture matched specifications.


Servo Motor Repair Services 02

Full time dedicated machinists in shop allows us to repair industrial automation equipment with the highest quality standard. Not taking shortcuts we insure all our products are well fitted to manufacturer specifications.

  • In house dedicated machinist
  • Designs by mechanical engineers
  • New shaft installation and repair
  • Retrofitting in house

Since we are outfitted with a Machine shop, we do not need to send any work out, thus we keep our repair cost down, and are not dependent on someone else to complete repairs.

Servo Motor Repair Services 03

Often after repair of magnets and other rotor related faults, balancing is lost. Resulting in a vibrating noisy motor.

Our in-house balancing insures your motor will run smooth and quite the first time you plug it in.

One of the most effective measures for preventative maintenance is infrared technology. With it we can determine faults in areas such as:

  • Bearings and bearing housings
  • Overheating winding
  • Overcurrent
  • Hot spots in breakers, contactors, fuses, transformers & more.
  • Coreloss testing (as shown below)
  • Servo Motor Repair Services 04
  • Servo Motor Repair Services 05
  • Servo Motor Repair Services 06
Servo Motor Repair Services 06

Looking for a place to get your feedback device tested, or repaired? We specialize and are certified in all industrial automation feedback. Resolvers, incremental encoders, absolute encoders, linear encoders, optical encoders, hall sensors, tacho generators, texans, and more.

With over $400, 000 inventory of feedback devices, if we can’t repair your encoder, we can replace it.

With over a million invested in testing of servo motors, we now house the most operational servo drives in North America.

All servo equipment is run tested on it’s manufacture designated servo drive to insure correct operation the first time. Outfitted with testing software and hardware of all major brands. Stocking over $400,000 in feedback devices such as Resolvers, Encoders, Tachs.

We own over 30 robots and CNC machines that we use for full load run tests of devices like motors, pulse encoders, amplifiers, drives, power supplies, CPU boards, I/O boards, teach-pendants, displays, extended access units, reducers/gearboxes, all types of cables …

We run pumps with the appropriate liquid as water, coolant, oil or some other liquids prior for it to leave the shop.

Feedback Device Repair Capabilities Include

Being certified by various electric motor producers we provide repair services to all major brands and most minor feedback devices. We carry a large stock of all kinds of replacement parts from all major and most minor producers. Choosing Accu Electric Motors Inc. you are guaranteed to get the fastest top quality service.

We provide you with both mechanical parts (including back covers) and electronic parts of encoders. We repair all types of encoders including:

  • Incremental Encoders
  • Mechanical Absolute Encoders
  • Optical Absolute Encoders
  • Magnetic Absolute Encoders
  • Capacitive Absolute Encoders
  • Battery-Powered Multi-Turn Encoders
  • Geared Multi-Turn Encoders
  • Geared Multi-Turn Encoders

Feedback Devices - Encoders

Do you have problems with your old Tachometers that are out of production? Then you came to the right place! We can always find new model that will fit just perfectly to your old motor. We can also repair your old tachometers. Up to you to decide.

Servo Motor Repair Services 01

Are you troubled with your old resolver that is out of production? Then you have come to the right shop! We can sure provide a new model that will correctly fit to your old motor. At that we can repair your old resolver. It’s up to you to decide and save.

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Give us a call today and let us know how we can help. Our service starts with free diagnoses. We will then send you a quotation and only start work after your approval. Our in-house team can handle virtually any servo motor repair. Thereafter, you will get a comprehensive warranty that covers the whole motor for a year.

We are the repair team you need on your side if you own an Bosh Rexroth servo motor. Give us a call today to learn how we can help.

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