Servo Motor repair and overhaul is one of the most important aspects of extending its service life. Many businesses might overlook the fact that their servo motors require professional overhauling, and that often leads to a sudden failure of the servo motor. The good news is that specialists like us have the knowledge, equipment and experience to overhaul it before failure completely.

We make sure that every servo motor that arrives at our facility for repair is put through an extensive evaluation process. The goal of the process is to identify the problem we are dealing with and to make sure it can be brought back to life. We also want to find out if a complete overhaul means that the servo motor will end up working better than it did before we put in all the time and resources required for the process. In 99% of the cases, an overhaul is every bit worth the effort.

Replacing the Old Resolver Feedbacks

A resolver is used to measure the degree of rotation of a servo motor. The result is an analog signal, which as feedback motion control. So, as you can see that replacing the old resolver feedback is crucial to the adequate functioning of the servo motor. It is also often the part we need to replace when performing servo motor repair. The replacement resolver feedback is usually the latest one and of the best quality, the result of which is the more precise working of your servo motor and extended service life.

Rewinding the Servo Motor

Over the years that your servo motor is in use, the winding will degrade over time. Degraded winding leads to sluggish performance and often erratic performance. That’s why no servo motor overhaul is complete without rewinding the motor. We use higher grade winding, which ensures better insulation. So, you can expect the newly overhauled servo motor to perform better than it did.

Improve the Signal Monitoring Mechanism

In some servo motors, we will have to improve the signal monitoring system to enable more accurate early detection of feedback signal failure. However, we will first make sure that the signal monitoring mechanism is problematic and then go about fixing the system to improve accuracy.

Getting Your Servo Motors Overhauled is Important

While we can’t stress the importance of good servo motor repair, it is equally as essential to get it overhauled by trusted professionals like us. At Accu Electric Inc, when we overhaul your servo motor, our team is rebuilding it from scratch by adding the latest and best parts. Not only does it improve performance and extend the service life of the servo motor, but it also ensures that it works better than it ever did.

If your servo motors are not working as they should, or you’re facing chronic issues, it may be time to get it overhauled. You can mail the servo motor to us, and we’ll take care of professionally overhauling it so that all those issues are fixed.