Breakdowns that are caused by equipment that isn’t performing optimally or stops performing all together will have a negative impact on your business. A couple of issues you’ll run into as a result of faulty equipment which may require something like servo repair include:

  • Unscheduled downtime which leads to delivery delays
  • Costly repairs
  • High priced replacement parts
  • A reduction of the business’s productivity

The more frequent the issues are, the more drastic the effects are on the business. That’s why regular preventive maintenance helps to reduce the chances of faults developing in the machines, which in turn improves productivity. Preventive maintenance can help to identify faults and rectify them as part of routine maintenance which does not affect productivity.

Use a Good Machine Service Plan

Your machine service plan should have a fixed time at which the work will be carried out. After all, no business wants their machines to be down in the middle of their busiest period. You will also want to ensure the following:

  • All parts should be replaced as required.
  • The machines should be thoroughly evaluated by a team of seasoned engineers.
  • Proper identification and then the supply of the parts needed.
  • A string of preventive measures needed to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

You Could be Hemorrhaging Money Without Regular Maintenance

It goes without saying that downtime may cost you a few hundred dollars a minute. Every minute that the employees aren’t working is money out of your pocket. Your products aren’t being loaded on to those trucks standing outside, and with manufacturing halted, you’re running behind schedule. The fact is that all of this can be prevented with preventive maintenance which costs you money in a short time but saves you a bundle in the long-term.

Simple Failures are Holding back Your Business

Most businesses may not know this, but simple failures like bad encoder signals, faulty winding, and issues with the cabling which are otherwise cheap to fix are costing their business thousands of dollars. Servo motor repairs are another reason why many businesses face extended downtime when, in fact repairing it isn’t all that expensive or time-consuming for that matter. However, the key is to find the potential issue before it becomes an issue and that’s where preventive maintenance comes in.

Early Detection Services

Make sure to get your machines inspected by us at least every six months. Our team uses the latest equipment and tools to thoroughly inspect an array of industrial machines to find issues before they cause extended downtime. We also have the skills to fix those issues swiftly and reliably. All of which does not cost you a lot of money compared to saving you potentially over $100k plus each month.

Accu Electric Inc, Preventive Maintenance Service

At Accu Electric Inc, we are one of the leading servo repair services in North America. However, we also provide professional preventive maintenance services. Using our service, you can be assured of being able to slash downtime by as much as 80% while saving money in the long-term.

Give your business a competitive edge with our preventive maintenance service. Call or email us today to find out more about how our service works.