Servo motors are one of the most used machines in robotics and the manufacturing industry. They are used in industrial applications like that of automation. While our reliance on automation has grown, so has advancements in servo motor technology. However, more complex servo motors also require more specialized repair like our serco motor repair service.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the latest advancements in servo motor technology, and how it affects you as a business owner and us as repair professionals.

Encoder Signal Monitoring

Not very long ago knowing when a servo motor may fail was impossible. Many business owners often found that their machines stopped working, and the culprit was almost always a spoilt servo motor. However, now with the latest encoder signal monitoring, it is possible to know when a servo motor will fail and prevent it from failing by performing preemptive repairs. Not only does the new encoder signal monitoring technology reduce sudden downtime, but it also helps businesses save time.

Reduced Noise

As a leading Serco motor repair service, noise-related issues continue to be some of the most common. Fortunately, with the latest servo motors, the issues seem to have been fixed. Not only does it fix the overall decibel level associated with the motor but also its potential interference with other similar machines. The latest servo motors are now smoother evident from their use in the robotics industry. However, they are expected to be introduced in industrial machines launched in 2020 and beyond.


Servo motors are becoming smaller, and it has been a consistent trend for the past 15 years. Today, warehouse material handling, as well as robotics, have been driving innovation in servo motor technology.  Smaller servo motors reduce the weight associated with robots and that leaves more room for beefier possible payload. Not to mention that these systems have the added advantage of being more efficient. That said, smaller motors require more equipment to repair as the parts inside them are as you’d imagine tiny. That’s why we continue to invest in technology and training which helps us to undertake repairing these miniature servo motors.

At Accu Electric Inc We are Ahead of the Curve

One of the reasons why we are the leading Serco motor repair service of choice is because we are always ahead of the curve. We are continually keeping our technicians updated with the latest in the world of servo motor technology. As a business, we also continue to invest in training and classes, which help equip every one of our team members with the knowledge needed to deal with an array of upcoming challenges.

We also invest in the latest equipment, which helps us diagnose and repair almost every type of servo motor out there. Not to mention that with the introduction of the newest equipment, we have the capability of repairing the newest servo motors that often sent to us from various machines. Finally, we make sure that all motors are repaired reliably and extensively tested to ensure the best reliability.