Many businesses opt to purchase hardware from brands that have an exchange program. The exchange program often involves accepting the old, often spoilt or underperforming device and giving a new one in exchange for what the company reckons is the difference amount. However, the question many businesses need to ask is if it is beneficial? Should they, for instance, just get the servo motor repaired instead of getting it exchanged? Though this isn’t only limited to servo motors but other bits of hardware too.

In this article, we will address the benefit of an exchange program so that you can judge if it is the right choice for you.

What Does the Exchange Program Offer?

It is crucial to start by highlighting that all exchange programs tend to be variations of the same basic idea, which is to take your old hardware in exchange for a new one. However, the question is if the program is beneficial to businesses? The fact is that most exchange programs give you either very little or no money for the old hardware which is put towards the new hardware. Generally, the component that’s exchanged is merely a cosmetic overhaul of the old item. Sure, it is new but in most cases, it isn’t all that great.

Your money would be better spent getting the old hardware repaired. Repairing it will cost you a fraction of the cost. One instance of this is getting an old servo motor repaired as opposed to exchanging it for a new one. Not only is the latest servo motor exactly the same as the old one, but you’re actually paying more for it compared to getting it repaired or overhauled. An overhauled servo motor is just like new, so you save a bundle if there are multiple servos repaired.

OEMs Stand to Benefit but Not You

The OEMs stand to benefit the most from these exchange programs if you consider that they get your old hardware for next to nothing. The hardware they acquire from you can be refurbished in their facilities and then resold. So, the cost to them is nothing, especially compared to manufacturing the same servo motor for instance, from scratch. It also translates to higher profitability for the OEM.

Accu Electric Motors Can Save You Money

Regardless of how attractive your OEM’s exchange program may be, it isn’t meant to help you. When you choose us to repair your old hardware, you’re taking control back from OEMs. Not to mention that you’re saving a bundle of cash too.

If you have hardware that needs to be repaired and are not sure what to do or what it will cost, then get in touch with us. At Accu Electric Inc, we will be more than happy to help you by identifying the issue and quoting a price for repairs. It is then up to you to decide what works best for your business.