A spoilt servo motor is one of the most common issues with industrial automation machinery. It is not uncommon for multiple servo motors to require replacement or repair each year. Inadequate repair or an incorrect replacement could cause further downtime, and that’s a cost few businesses want to incur in what is otherwise highly competitive industry. However, the cost of servo motor repair and replacement add up quickly depending on the size, type and age of your machines. Not many businesses may factor servo motor replacement into their books, but it is a cost that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The average business can end up spending upwards of $6k a year of servo motor replacement. Then add to that the cost of installation, and the fact that the latest servo motors aren’t cheap, and it isn’t hard to see that the costs of keeping automated machines running increases exponentially. The best solution to this is repairing.

Proactive Maintenance the First Step to Lowering Costs

Now some businesses may be slightly hesitant to implement any sort of proactive maintenance plan because of the upfront cost associated with it. Though there is a short-term cost, there is a lot of data to show that it lowers overall costs, in terms of saving time, preventing emergency repairs and replacement.  

When best practices of preventive maintenance are worked into your business’s schedule, it can even lower labor costs because you don’t require emergency crews nearly as many times. Preventive maintenance works because it helps identify and repair any issue with the machine before it grinds to a halt.

Repairing Will Save You Thousands of Dollars A year

The next thing to consider is repair. Industrial automation repair is more cost-effective as compared to replacing parts with new ones. Servo motor repair, for instance, costs a fraction of replacing it with a new servo motor. Not to mention that the repaired servo motor is just as good if not better than the new one.

Repairing a machine makes sense because often the problem is with minor components which are easy and cheap to fix. Quality repair services like ours can repair an array of machines reliably, so your repaired machines work just as well as they did when they were new.

Estimates show that businesses that choose to repair their automated machines instead of replacing them save upwards of $100,000 a month. Now that’s a significant amount of money for any small or medium-sized manufacturing facility.

Accu Electric Inc Helps You Save Money

At Accu Electric Inc, we’re one of the leading repair services of choice for dozens of businesses across North America. We always urge our clients to choose the repair option not just to save money but to also ensure reliability because we take great pride and put in a lot of effort into repairing machines. That’s why when you choose us to repair your machines or servo motor repair; there is no detail that’s overlooked before, during and after the process.